House of Balloons


Monstration No. World Government Yes. Aliens are still waiting to come out. Every man makes art, but we hear the most insolent. Nothing is impossible if you’re fucked up enough.

- If the dragon steals not you, but another,” said the witch, “Then you are not a princess

- If he steals another,” said the princess, “Then he’s not a dragon

Sex. Scandal. Ambition. Assassination. You hurt yourself as a way to release difficult feelings, anxiety, and self-loathing. Self-harm in an attempt to escape pain by making it hurt more. Trap. I’m not a fighter at all, but if I’m cornered, I’ll bash anyone’s head in. Sharp objects and the logic of confrontation. A careless words, angry comments, past mistakes, fear of tomorrow, crime, and punishment. Beast, burn in hell. Words that an ordinary person might write to another ordinary person to share their pain. Healthy people are comfortable and pleasant to talk to. Spoiled ones are intriguing. Do you like surprises? Love to clean up afterward.

- Every night before I went to sleep I looked out the window and asked the aliens to take me to their place, what if my requests were heard? asked Gerta, sitting on the balcony of a stunning architectural structure of the distant past

Like any girl, and just a person, approaching the mirror, we often see flaws, the hair is not the same, the nose, teeth, lose weight, then a little bit to recover, then a pimple popped out. This is our absolute everyday life. But this is different. When I listened to her, I was overwhelmed by such a feeling of uncertainty, how much we do not know and do not understand, by and large, we do not want. I’ve never thought about transgender problems, there are and there are. And then I realized what a horror these people are going through, from their own rejection and misunderstanding to rejection and misunderstanding by society and their loved ones. How is it to approach the mirror every time and not see yourself? And it’s not a movie, nothing to fix with a magic spell. Well, it’s a good thing there’s a way to fix it surgically. Imagine how many people have lived their whole lives knowing they’re in the wrong place. This is a nightmare.

Intellectual Rights Appearance. Well, then it was just another day in the city, as usual on the main square all the officials gathered and made beautiful speeches, although maybe it was not alcohol, because I started to throw up at that moment, but okay. In honor of the day of the city, our state in the person of officials decided to make a presentation about how fabulously beautiful we live, and soon we will be even better because in a month we have elections for mayor of the city and we need to better lick it for the people. Martin sat at the computer table, and I sat at the dining table because it’s the only place he can sit. We were watching this broadcast from the square and spitting with disgust, I was so sick of these faces, and I suggested closing the broadcast and going to the store because I wanted something to eat. We just got out of our seats as Martin suddenly stopped and said he had a better idea. And I love a good idea. So he went back to his computer desk and started typing something, I naturally didn’t understand anything. Then he turned around and said that everything was ready. I thought I was so drunk that I didn’t understand what was ready, nothing happened. But then, when the mayor announced the New Year’s Eve presentation for the city, a porn video appeared instead. You should’ve seen their faces then, I thought I’d just piss my pants off with laughter. What a panic then began to panic and how they started laughing in the street, someone started running away, someone started closing their eyes, and someone came closer to see the details. After laughing a little, we decided to go to the store.

- Can a painting change the world? Asked the news anchor by a young action artist

Good/Bad. Modern art is about what the meaning of an object is, not how it is created. The baton was stained with red paint on the canvas with blow after blow. Unrefined thinking of the absurd, a radioactive train passing by, and loud silence in a hall crowded with people who have something to say. Art is not about beauty. Sometimes it’s disgusting. Criticize what you are shown, not what you want to see. Pink clouds and the bright taste of mint in your mouth. The last day of the first summer brought the curtain down, leaving a small gap for an immodest hint. The Promised Heaven gave a chance for one eternal question. What does a woman regret? About love.

He who has experienced it fears it. Quintus Horatius Flaccus



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