80% propaganda and 20% violence. A global reduction of violence under the guise of wishful thinking over reality. The history of the past is written in the present, a maelstrom of memory on a green wall and you are free to choose the background you want.

- Talleyrand or Bonaparte? Robert asked me, shuffling cards in a black hat and tuxedo

- Talleyrand, I said, and pulled out my deck of cards from the pocket of my broad lettuce jacket.

The emptiness of inherent existence, drawing on Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, states that the existing is equal to the dependent, and the non-existent cannot depend. Man, as a plastic being, is able to strike a balance, a system of values and expectations based on himself, not only on his environment and the circumstances offered. One can be an empty vessel standing in the street and accidentally filled with rainwater or worse, garbage. You can be a reasonable person and not fill the emptiness with something that would make a black hole out of it. You want to eat an incredibly delicious meal that you don’t have enough money for, you think you’d rather not eat for the rest of the week, but now enjoy this beautiful creature of human hands. Five minutes and the food is on its way to the not-so-pleasant processing, a minute ago you were in enjoyment and now that moment is gone and now you have nothing to eat for a week at all. Our lives are made up of suffering, big and fleeting. We strive for happiness, big and fleeting. Yes, it was only five minutes, but you were happy. Were those five minutes of happiness worth a week’s suffering? The citation index is a million out of ten.

- The reproductive adventures of my idiot parents created nuclear weapons, I said, taking my papers from the director of the orphanage

I like to imagine when I just almost cut off my finger while I was cutting meat for dinner or almost fell under a train when there was a wild wind, that the scary thing actually happened, just that I was able to negotiate in the heavenly chancery and cancel this uncomplicated experiment. The enlightened man is free from control. He meets the black through the practice of acceptance and purification, karma, consciousness, freeing the way to accept the white. The ego is black, but if you are a person. who lives his human experience in the physical world, without it you are a piece of shit and you will have great problems of your suppression as a person. We are entering an age where it’s time to start living a life of balance between the spiritual and the physical. Everything is good in moderation and control is good when you can fully control your consciousness and even your subconscious, when you are not a strange stranger to yourself who meets your reflection every morning as if for the first time, but when it is a unified, whole, filled with what you have chosen. You are the self-proclaimed dictator of your rich self.

- To make a great movie, you have to live and watch a lot of children’s cartoons, because if something can intrigue and capture a child’s attention, it is by definition very genius, said a young girl director at a modest chamber press conference

If you were a deity, would you be solar or lunar? For all my love of the eternal sun and the vitality of the world in daylight, I would choose the moon. The sun contains mystery, it seems less important and intriguing, but it’s really a thimble trick, you see the whole game in front of you, but you have no control over the situation. The moon is frankly dark, frankly closed off from prying eyes, frankly storing the black matter of existence and destruction. Fancy. Stylish. Youthful. It would definitely be a woman. If I was on the lookout for a teacher and maybe I’m on my way to it. Listening to and hearing a woman in balance of the physical and spiritual is important to me. Listening to the moon the other side of which is the sun. A column of enthusiastic people in white suits crowded the main street. All the people in the world are changing the world. All the people in the world are doing something. all the people in the world are doing nothing. I was burning the air on the toll road, testing out the new rarity motorcycle that I won in a dangerous bet. I can do anything if I can keep from crashing at such crazy speeds.

The iron nanny struck a pose. All you hear from all the gramophones is that video games will please stupidity and aggression, but no one mentions the widely known but scarily pronounced fact that video games have reduced and continue to reduce teenage criminal activity. Safety is a new religion.

  • The point is to be present, I said and tied a red ribbon on a huge tree by the side of an empty road

“The lack of meaning in life plays a critical role in the etiology of neurosis. Ultimately, neurosis must be understood as the suffering of a soul that finds no meaning. About a third of my cases are not suffering from some clinically definable neurosis, but from the meaninglessness and aimlessness of one’s own life.” Carl Gustav Jung



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