What kind of porn you’re into? Truth? What if in order to watch porn you had to give the intelligence services all your information? Would you change your preferences?

Such an unpredictable 21st century. On one side of the earth rockets fly to Mars, and on the other people have no electricity. Be the doctor, not the pain. Don’t be silent. You have something to say. Speak. The earth is desolate without you, how can I live a few hours? A line from one beautiful song that fits very well with that very process of despondency, when everything is gone, you yourself are gone and you’re just thinking about how to live that moment. It seems impossible. But what if it isn’t?

- I looked in the mirror and saw another person, I spoke, but I heard someone else’s voice, I tried to explain, but it was as if we were talking in different languages, without an interpreter and a desire to translate, Gerta began her story and for the first time her voice did not tremble

She died in her mother’s arms, beautiful, young, full of life yesterday. We flip through the album. She died the day after her son turned a year old because she was being abused at home. These stories were told to me by an older woman I rented a room from. She told me many such stories, stories where a woman had no right to an abortion and had to go to quacks, jump off cliffs and kill the fetus herself. It was that time, different. Different mores. Other laws. That was 50 years ago or more. So much has changed since then that it’s hard to list all the benefits available to us now at once. But we still hear in various countries about the law against abortion. Sin? The low birth rate? I know quite a few girls who have had abortions and oh shock content, they did it not because they are insensitive scum, but because they had no ability or desire at the moment to accompany a new life into this world. It would seem their absolute right. My body is my business. But someone out there, rewarded with power but not rewarded with brains and empathy decides what we can and cannot do. I’m not a religious person, but if you like, it’s my sin and I’ll deal with it myself, as I do with others. And gentlemen scum better make it safe and comfortable for women to choose against abortion. And if this woman just doesn’t want kids, and yes, that happens, a new surprise, that’s none of your business. Bye.

Hands in panties turn on when it was a mutual desire. But in addition to the hands we choose, our genitals are squeezed by the people we empower through electronic voting. Stockholm syndrome of humanity. We get beaten, we fly. And in between, we prove we’re not camels, though. Perhaps our problem is that we globally don’t know what we want? We want a guiding star, even if it’s holding a whip. Maybe we just like it tougher.

An over-the-top series about teenagers with legal problems and lots of sex. It can’t all be calm and measured here, it needs some spectacular violence.Goal: To entertain the watcher. And at the end, we find out who was the bad guy and who was even worse. The black mirror obscured the horizon, but it’s even more interesting that way. Where’s my goddamn Oscar? has become so evolved that anything ordinary and without a fight has become boring. And to fight needs a reason needs an open wound and an itchy pain, get up and prove all over again that you are worthy. It takes an urgent landing on Mars to start all over again. Everything here is ruined, but not by aliens from other planets who are jealous of our well-being, but by us who have become bored. He who has quenched his thirst immediately turns his back on the well.

- We woke up in a completely different country, but we had to open our eyes to see it, I said to the customs officer at the border and handed him my passport for inspection

How far back are we willing to go? To bring back slavery. Forget women’s rights. Give up the Internet. Destroy the freeways. Learn how to talk. Or? Or is it all just a beautiful picture that we present to each other about how the world has changed and how things have changed? And in reality, we still do not know how to talk, we do not grow crops, we ruin art, and somewhere in our houses, people are still freezing to death when they have no money for heating? Or maybe those who still haven’t opened their eyes are right? What do you think?

- Hello, Gerta! I said to myself in a triumphant voice, standing in front of the mirror and seeing the real me for the first time, at 18 years old

  • Hello, Gerta! said we, scattered around the apartment, welcoming that very dawn of that very day

Sometimes our minds seek answers to those questions that are rhetorical. Rhetorical to our minds. Deep down, we have long ago made decisions intuitively. It’s just that the mind tries to delay the intended steps with long calculations and logarithms. Look inside yourself. Save time. Martha Augustus



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